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    About Danielle

    Hi, my name is Danielle, welcome to Flourishyou! I want this web site to be all about You, so I shall keep my personal story short.

    I am originally from Australia and have lived in New Zealand for 19 years. I grew up with a mother who was way ahead of her time in the the arts of natural healing through food, supplementation, exercise, breathing and spirit.

    Every morning we would be given a few vitamins to take, and every morning I would sneak into my room and throw them into the garden. She found them of course, and even though I was in trouble, somewhere along the line, her information and nagging, luckily, found its way into my psyche. Now, I am pretty sure my son does the same to me… smoothie down the kitchen sink…

    Danielle Plowman

    I know first hand how food can heal and detoxify. From Pneumonia as a child, surviving a serious motor bike accident, a long and difficult child birth with my son and the adrenal devastation of divorce. We all have our survival stories, but it’s how we manage them at the time and how we come out at the other end that can be the game changer.

    These stories, we call our own, affect our weight, hormones, energy, gut microbiome and mental health, the list is as long as there are stories. Boy do our bodies physiologically (mentally and spiritually too) respond to our “withhold of nurture” and our “abstinence from nature”.

    My career buzz is that I like to help people. It makes me feel good but I especially like others to feel good! It’s so great to witness changes in a person, whatever level those changes come from and no matter how big or small. I love Mother Nature, the ocean is my biggest love, she is my medicine. Traveling is a great passion of mine which I now share with my son, he is thankfully fairly intrepid. Our other love includes our furry family member, Sunny, the big brown Labrador. He may very well be the happiest dog on the planet and shares his love enthusiastically.

    Well that’s me in a nut shell. There’s more, but remember, this journey is about You and Your story!

    Kindest in Health
    Danielle xo